Created & managed by nationally recognized real estate trainer, speaker & coach Brian Icenhower, is an essential resource for real estate brokers, managers, and team leaders looking to enhance the careers of real estate agents.  Whether it be weekly sales meeting videos, coaching tools, team meeting lessons, technology tools, scripts & dialogues, productivity training, real estate team systems, social media content, lead generation methods or motivational messages, the has a large variety of training materials to choose from:

Real Estate Business Generation Methods

HeadsetVideos, materials and corresponding instructional talking points pertaining to numerous real estate productivity methods designed to help agents generate more business.

Sales & Team Meeting Videos

Brian Icenhower Real Estate Team WorkshopInstructional videos, top agent interviews and videos of agent panel discussions ideal for showing at office sales meetings, real estate team meetings or any group training event.

Real Estate Teams

re-team1Training videos, tools and content pertaining to real estate teams about hiring, team structures, training, leadership, compensation, motivating, budgeting and lead generation.

Real Estate Training Video Library

video-reelOur complete collection of real estate training videos, ideal for sharing, embedding, linking and viewing.

The Real Estate Word Blog

TheREWord-graybackgroundA vast compilation of real estate training materials, tools, info-graphics and videos, all created to help real estate agents better serve their clients.

Real Estate Team Workshop

Brian Icenhower’s Real Estate Team Workshop

The Real Estate Trainer Logo - Square Ping Large

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