How to Create a Lead Generation Plan

A real estate agent’s business plan should be simple enough to ensure effectiveness.  The plan’s action steps should also lead to a Realtor’s predetermined goals. Successful agents treat their real estate business by design and not default, so they chart a course based upon preset objectives to take control of their desired results.  


High producing agents should always know their numbers and the score.  Because they are always aware of the activities that they need to complete in order to realize their desired outcomes, agents that run their business by design are held accountable and remain motivated to focus on income producing activities. If they have not finished the business generation activities that they had planned, the scoreboard will show that they are behind.


The activities must be predictable and repeatable so that they can be calculated to lead to an agent’s desired results.  To ensure predictability, it is a good idea to establish conversion ratios for all income producing activities.  Repeatable actions can be perfected over time with practice for increased efficiency.  Agents can then focus on specific business generation activities with the assurance that their desired results will follow.


Goals should always be written down.  The process for creating a lead generation plan should take no more than about 10 minutes to complete.  Top producing agent Brad Baldwin and real estate trainer Brian Icenhower explain a simple process for designing a business development plan that ties specific daily lead generation activities to a Realtor’s annual income goals in the following video:

Creating a Realtor’s Business Plan


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