Mastering Real Estate Time Management

Have you ever noticed that real estate agents with the most business often seem more composed than agents who are only juggling one or two transactions at a time?  How is it that agents can operate with such varying bandwidths so that someone representing a single prospective home buyer can appear busier than than an agent handling fifteen open contracts and twenty active listings? The key to answering this paradox is understanding how different agents view time management.  Time can be managed by default or by design.  If an agent elects to run a business by default, then the business will determine the schedule.  A “by-default agent’s” day will be dictated by those business servicing activities that sporadically come up and the agent will re-actively put out each fire as it surfaces.  Conversely, an agent that operates by design will pro-actively focus on those income producing activities that are designed to produce desired results. Since these results are typically anticipated just goals that are being achieved, “by-design agents” are more confident and in control by comparison.  The following video explains the most important income producing activities for real estate professionals:


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