How to Ask Empowering Questions in Real Estate

Real estate agents will run into numerous obstacles throughout their careers that will require them to get out of their natural behavior to resolve uncomfortable problems. Whether it be new technology or difficult clients, overcoming these business hurdles can be grueling and demoralizing if not addressed in a proven, systematic fashion.


Whether it’s a real estate, business, personal, health, fitness, family or a spiritual dilemma, solutions for difficult issues can be discovered by  finding a who.  Successful agents understand that they are not initially looking for an answer.  They instead choose to focus on the correct question, and that question should always begin with a “Who?”   Too often we approach problems by asking “How” we should come to a solution.  This causes us to unnecessarily internalize the problem for long periods of time.  Creating great cerebral conflict that consumes our lives, costs us sleep and creates unwanted stress.  The process can be so frustrating that we soon start asking “Why” even take action at all?  This is the dangerous consequence of staying in “How” too long.  It is essential to quickly move from  “How” to solve a problem or “What” should I do, into “Who” can show me a solution in the most effective manner.  This process is further explained in the Empowering Questions Triangle video below:



We often refer to the practice of finding a who as “following a model” that works and emulating it.  Why reinvent the wheel any way?  Trial and error can be expensive, damaging and very time consuming. Why not follow the instructions laid out by those that succeeded before you by standing on the shoulders of giants and getting into action?  It all starts with a simple “Who?”


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