The Primary Duties of a Real Estate Team Leader

Top producing real estate agents know that to own a business by design and not by default, they must concentrate on the activities that get them the results they want.  For most agents the desired result is more business and income.  Yet only top producers are able to maintain a consistent focus on the following 3 income producing activities when they become busy servicing their existing business:
Lead generation can be defined as any activity designed to produce new business.  Examples include real estate prospecting, businesses by referral, geographic farming, drip marketing, or any number of the real estate productivity systems utilized today.  No matter the method, those that are able to consistently lead generate for new business quickly set themselves apart from the general agent population.  Despite the fact that most agents want more business, the vast majority will only wait for business to come to them by default rather than commit to any systematic activity designed to generate new clients.
Listings are the life-blood of real estate sales, so it is important for top agents to ensure that listing appointments are converted into listings.  This is often the first time you meet your clients and they formally decide to enlist your services.  Note that all of the top agents in any given area are primarily listing agents.  This is because a listing agent can handle over 30 listings in the same amount of time it takes to service 8 active buyers.  It’s impossible for buyer’s specialists to keep up!


Writing, countering and accepting offers are the duties most closely tied to income by proximity in time.  Once completed, commission checks are often received within a couple of months.  Also, these negotiations often involve the last major decisions that clients will make in a transaction, so it is important for agents to make themselves available to assist.


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