How Top Realtors Stay Focused on Generating New Business

Income Producing v Business Servicing panel

How do real estate agents continue to focus on generating new business while maintaining customer service at a level of care that meets their standards?  Most agents constantly want more business, yet only a small percentage make a daily commitment to do income producing activities that result in new clients.  I was able to interview three top agents who consistently stay focused on lead generating to find out their keys to success.

Have a Morning Schedule

All three agents follow a regimented schedule that does not deviate from day to day. They show up to their job at the same time every morning when they have the most energy and there are the least distractions.  They block & protect time to complete their income producing activities before starting on any business servicing tasks.

Be Proactive Not Reactive

It is much easier to perform business servicing tasks like answering emails and filling out paperwork than it is to accomplish income producing activities like prospecting or contacting past clients.  So unless the mind is purposely forced to proactively generate new business, agents will just naturally react to whatever they feel needs be done at the time.  However, if agents choose to do business by design and not by default, they can protect a small part of the day for those activities that result in the one thing they truly want:  more business.

Protect Income Producing Time

Focusing on business generation requires an abundant mindset that disregards scarcity.  This means starting the day playing offense and not defense.  So distracting emails that can lead to problematic bunny-trails are not opened until income producing time has ended.  Office doors are shut with Do Not Disturb signs posted.  Assistants and accountability partners are empowered to hold agents to their income producing tasks.  Distractions are the mortal enemy of productivity, and top agents know how to avoid them.


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