Top Real Estate Teams are Lead Generators & Not Lead Receivers

It is well settled that a group of people working cohesively on specialized tasks towards a common goal can accomplish far more than individuals working independently towards the same end.  Few real estate teams exemplify this point more effectively than the Ron Henderson Team from Kansas City, Missouri.  Teamwork is at the heart of their culture and they all understand that by working together they can achieve more.

Empower Team Members for Accountability

Although Ron Henderson is the team’s leader, he understands the importance of accountability.  Both Ron and his Lead Buyer’s Specialist, Scott Parman, make a daily effort to spend a few hours lead generating for new business.  This has become increasingly challenging as their existing business has rapidly grown.  Maintaining a focus on growth has become more difficult as the team’s clientele expands.  Accordingly, Ron and Scott have empowered the team’s Administrative Manager, Elizabeth Gilbert, to hold them both accountable to completing their daily lead generation activities. Regardless of how many emergencies happen to arise from their existing business, both Ron and Scott are required to track their lead generation activities and turn them in to Elizabeth at the end of each week.  Ron’s commitment to the team’s goals and self-awareness of the need for accountability permeates the teams thinking.  Leadership by example at its finest.

Be Lead Generators Not Lead Receivers

Many seasoned real estate professionals might be surprised to learn that a Buyer’s Specialist would regularly lead generate for new listings.  Yet Scott Parman knows that a home seller soon turns into a buyer that needs a new home. Plus, the more listings the team has, the more buyer leads that will come Scott’s direction.  A buyer’s specialist that lead generates can create the type of buyer he represents by design, rather than simply receive leads that come to him by default.

Motivate One Another and Have Fun

Scott Parman completes his daily lead generation tasks right along side Ron.  Their healthy competition fuels one another.  They feed off each other’s energy and consistently push each other to meet their goals.  This mutual accountability motivates them and helps them maintain their focus on growing their business.  Elizabeth’s steadying administrative presence allows Ron and Scott to confidently seek out new clients without any concerns about customer service.  Like two hunters and one skinner, everybody knows their role and trusts that they will each do their part.


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