Top Producing Real Estate Agents Know How to Give their Job Away

For many realtors leading real estate teams, the idea of letting go and allowing a new hire to take on responsibilities can be challenging.   The thought of someone else handling the needs of valued clients can be frightening.  Start with one or two tasks that you can quickly delegate by the simple use of checklists and other systems.  Indulge yourself and try to leverage the work that you naturally hate to do, since  you always want work in your strengths and a good hire should thrive in your weaknesses.  Your new hire should complete you!  It often takes a few months of slowly giving portions of your pre-existing job description away before this person actually saves you time.  Be patient in the meantime.  Remember to look at your new hire as an investment and not as an expense. Spending time and effort training in the first few months will eventually free up more of your time to pursue more business later.

Giving parts of job descriptions away can also be difficult when real estate agents naturally cling to the belief that no one one will perform up to their standards better than themselves.  Consequently, it is imperative for lead agents to empower administrative assistants to take duties and tasks away on an ongoing basis.  In fact, this power grab should be encouraged for the life of the relationship to continue to free the lead agent up to generate more business, lead the team and live a balanced life.


3 thoughts on “Top Producing Real Estate Agents Know How to Give their Job Away

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