How this Real Estate Team Sells 500 Homes a Year

Kevin Blain Interview

Ever wonder how a real estate team that sells 500 homes a year operates? The importance teamwork and leadership at every level permeates The Kevin Blain Real Estate Team’s thinking.  In my video interview with mega agent Kevin Blain below, he explain how he focuses on the three following concepts.


As the lead agent of the team, Kevin Blain concentrates primarily on developing leaders within his team. He does not just communicate with his team to provide solutions to their problems and ensure that they are completing their tasks. Instead, his focus is to help them become self managed and find their own answers and motivation from available resources.  Self discovery takes time and patience, and Kevin has learned the importance of investing time to develop talented leaders.


For the team’s production to continuously grow, team members must learn to regularly take on new roles.  As a result, everyone is constantly giving away portions of their jobs to others.  Every person leading another by letting go of a responsibility by empowering another to pick it up and take it on.  From Kevin all the way down, each member of the team is in a leadership position by letting go pieces of their job descriptions on an ongoing basis.


To foster this environment of perpetual growth, a good leader must allow members of the team to make mistakes.  An effective leader must continuously empower and motivate the team despite the occurrence of errors that often result from self discovery.  Kevin emphasizes that it is about their growth, not ours.  So in the face of failure that may temporarily set the team back, Kevin strives to continue adding value to the lives of his team members.  He knows that growth is rarely achieved without failure.


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